We can see the G logo on the front of the card towards the top right corner, but apart from that there isn’t a whole lot going on with the cooler. Towards the front we have the two Crossfire connectors that we’re used to seeing which gives you the ability to run up to three of these cards together. It also supports tessellation, DirectX Subscribe to our Newsletter. All the included box contents are well-packaged and secured. All other products have been customized by Gainward or Palit — hard to say since these two companies exist as a whole.

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Fudzilla It News and reviews. But on the other hand, Gainward is actually a Palit subsidiary, so it has to obey the parent company.

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Lower memory bandwidth coupled with slower core speed gainwagd surely affect performance, but HD is still a great card. The new design closely follows the color schemes of the sworn enemies — red for ATI and green for Nvidia.

hs4850 So it’s very convenient to plug power cables. The and Golden Sample cards have the same design and differ only by operating frequencies. Gainward recently replaced their packaging boxes with smaller ones, and besides looking good, they also take up less space, which means that Gainward thought about not wasting paper and protecting the environment. Additional power is here to make the card gsinward stable and to provide better overclocking potential.


Benchmarks – Company Of Heroes v1.

Radeon HD 4850: HIS IceQ4, Sapphire Toxic and Gainward Golden Sample Mistreated by FurMark

You hd48550 find products similar to this one for sale below. After checking the consumption, we learned that this card consumes only slightly more than the reference one. The left side of the card is mostly unpopulated, all the way from the memory up to the two dual link DVI ports and standard mini-DIN port.

Pay attention to Golden Sample. Note that both have 8-pin power connectors instead of 6-pin.

With the package and card looked at, let’s see gainwrad what kind of increase this massive overclock offers us when compared to a stock HD The fan is located in the center, whereas the two thick heatpipes route the heat from the core to the aluminum heatsink. This tool is usually bundled with Geforce cards and provides inexperienced users with a quick and painless way to overclock their card. All the included box contents are well-packaged and secured.

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All other products have been customized by Gainward or Palit — hard to say since these two companies exist as a whole. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Subscribe to our Newsletter. This card allows switching between BIOS versions.


Gainward Radeon HD Golden Sample Graphics Card

No retail game is included. You can’t use it on-the-fly.

It also supports tessellation, DirectX The picture below shows the dual-slot cooler in all its glory. Even if overclocking is not your game, you should know that Gainward already partially did it for you. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. The attached cooling system has a 80mm fan. Just keep in mind that gainaard switch works only at PC startup.

gainware Since the fan is in the center, it does a job of cooling below and on gxinward sides. Fortunately they’ve been kind enough to include a convertor in the package, which is great in the event you don’t have one available on your power supply.

But this card is much shorter and has power connectors installed on top, facing upwards. This might cause installation problems, if PSU cables are too hard to bend. Upper left corner has two CrossFire X connectors. Radeon generation has proven to be excellent in the bang-per-buck department, so Gainward snapped up this opportunity at the right time and launched their Radeon HD offering.